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More than wine tourism


The Wine and Food Routes in Friuli Venezia Giulia are a network of interconnected tourist services provided in the whole region. Their aim is to promote, through tourism, the wines and specialities of our region and all the other environmental, historical and cultural jewels that make it unique.


The network is composed of three Wine and Food Routes, Pordenonesi - in the area of Pordenone - Colli del Friuli - in the province of Udine - and Goriziano – in the area of Gorizia, and it results from the strong will expressed by entrepreneurs and local bodies to create a single association able to coordinate and manage the activities promoting all the players involved in the regional wine and food tourism: wineries, producers of traditional food, restaurants, farms and guesthouses.


Our organization is based on strategy-pooling, on a clear cut division of the tasks among the involved players and on an effective collaboration, which represents an added-value and a significant asset. The efficiency of the network is guaranteed by the Association Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia, acting as coordinating centre of the three Wine and Food Routes.


The biggest novelty offered by the network of the Wine and Food Routes in Friuli Venezia Giulia is the weekly rotating schedule: thanks to it, guests, tourists and experts can always visit wineries and farms without any need to make a reservation. Check out the weekly opening schedule in the “Open Today” section and start a fascinating journey into the heart of the  Friulian wine culture to taste excellent wines and chat with wine producers.


Tourists looking for authentic emotions stimulating all the senses are offered by the Wine and Food Routes members a wide variety of events, tours and tastings in wineries, farms, wine shops and restaurants.


Draw inspiration from our “Tour proposals”, where you will find so many ideas and tips that you could not help falling in love with the flavours and locations of our region. Alternatively, go to the section “Plan your tour” and design your tailor-made trip catering to your needs and tweak it once you are on the spot.


Come along and experience the Friulian hospitality: we are waiting for you!